0secbtc was a bitcoin faucet that operated for a few months in 2019. They claimed to offer 25 Satoshi every 0 minutes. Which theoretically is impossible because that would mean infinite satoshi instantly.

Bitcoin faucets are a type of reward system that gives you cryptocurrency for doing something on a website. Typically, they expect you to look at ads or fill out captcha’s and be present. And in some cases they even run a javascript miner to use the visitor’s machine to do the mining and make a profit off of him. In most cases it doesn’t make sense to visit a faucet. The allure of getting something for free drags people in.

And then there is the history of these things. The first bitcoin faucet ever gave out 5 bitcoins to each visitor. But those days are long over. these days you are luck if you get a few satoshi which is about .0000001 bitcoin.

Of course there are usually conditions. There is a mining fee for making a payout. It is tiny. But if the faucet reward is say 1000 satoshi, the mining fee on the transaction usually will not cover the price of the transfer. So basically you really need be a long term member working at the faucet doing some repetitive task over and over to hit the threshold for payout.

There are ways around this by paying a miner once to establish a payment channel, but still in most cases, a mining fee must be paid at some point to get things started. And instead of free money it turns out to be some of the lowest paid labor on the planet. We have literally seen rates as low as USD $0.001 per day, and no that is not a typo that is 1/10th of a penny for a full day’s work.

The site was run using a script from GR8

The site is no longer operational.

Image: Screenshot of 0secbtc website

Many sites have done similar business models such as one website with a really odd name “youcanfindfreebitcoinbtcsatoshihere”, which is also no longer operational. Still, new faucets continue to popup each day.

If you are interested in making money from cryptocurrency, learn to code, learn to mine. Do something difficult. But please don’t visit faucets.