AnonymousBitcoin (ANON) is a hard fork of Bitcoin and Zclassic. There is a currency trading on several exchanges with the symbol ANON. A hard fork is a more ambitious technical challenge than a simple ERC token. It complicates things even further if you are forking 2 projects instead of one. While we are impressed with the technical challenge they took on we are unimpressed with the results.

The currency is not completely dead, but it appears to be dying. As of July 2020 the market cap has sunk below $100,000 USD. It has lost almost all of its value and the trading volume is miniscule. The github repository has not been updated for 9 months. If you are looking for a stable anonymous cryptocurrency we think you should look elsewhere.

This was the information that they were publishing on their original site:

ANON is an advancement of the technology of both the Bitcoin and ZClassic blockchain through a co-fork of both cryptocurrencies.

We are introducing differentiating factors deemed important by the community that set us apart from previous forks. Some of these factors include staking through use of masternodes, increased block size and a transparent development process.

The Development team will be sharing updates constantly.

The fork will provide a 2:1 ratio of ANON to all holders of ZClassic (“ZCL”) and a 1:1 ratio of ANON to all holders of Bitcoin (“BTC”).

We are currently working to be listed on multiple exchanges while introducing a complete package of privacy and long-term utility. ANON intends to improve upon the way the crypto community utilizes privacy as well as reinvent the way “no coiners” view crypto.As effective communication is key to mass adoption, our marketing strategy aims to reach those not already involved in the cryptosphere.


Real Decentralization
ANON uses equihash, a Proof-of-Work algorithm.

True Anonymity
Using MIT’s tested zkSNARK’s, the most secure privacy protocol to date.

Community Driven
Social channels allow ideas crafted by the community to be taken into consideration. The crypto space as a whole lacks the ability to effectively communicate a story, our multi tiered marketing strategy aims to reach those who aren’t yet familiar with blockchain technology as well as change the way the crypto community views privacy.

We provide the ability to stake coins, incentivizing long term hodlers and allowing for dividend style returns over time. Our masternodes will also have governance protocols, allowing users to weigh in on the future of the economy.

Exchange Support
Through our elaborate network, ANON is in discussions with top volume exchanges. Stay tuned for exchange listings.

Although your spending habits should be kept private, the forking process should not. The team will be providing video updates and regular Q&A; sessions, we are prepared to show the world what a legitimate fork entails.

The Bitcoin and Zclassic protocols were incredible advancements in security and privacy. This undisputed fact is why we felt the need to create a dual fork combining the best of both coins.

Bitcoin is only pseudo anonymous and lacks transparent governance. Introducing ZK- snarks and master nodes to this legacy blockchain will greatly increase the privacy and speed of transactions.

The ability to effectively communicate is not a skill displayed by previous forks. We strongly believe that the community deserves a transparent forking process as well as exchange support, a cohesive team and a marketing strategy to gain attention from those who have yet to buy bitcoin.

The Development team will bring the community on a transparent journey in the creation of a privacy coin. Check them out below, and follow our socials and videos as we go behind the scenes of this forking process.
The ANON Team has strong connections across the blockchain, media, and legal space. Each team member from the founders to the development team specialize in their delineated tasks.
Well known in the Crypto-community as “The Crypto-King,” considers himself a blockchain enthusiast with a passion for technology, finance, law, and altcoins.

Dev Team Lead
Blockchain Engineer and Crypto-economist.

Dev Team Lead
Blockchain Engineer.
Founder of BitFinance.

Media Production Lead
Over 15+ years in Media Production.

Steven is infamous for his innovative work as the legal architect of Ethereum’s record setting token sale. This framework continues to be the basic structure used throughout the world. Today, he is instrumental in defining the industry standards. As the founder of Alchemist, he specializes in blockchain project development and investment. Steven is a blockchain pioneer with his involvement in top projects including: Ethereum, Lisk, Bancor, tZERO, ZenCash, ZCash, Ripio, Aion and Storm.

Ran is a titan in the crypto/blockchain space. He has been ranked in the top 100 most influential people in blockchain. He is currently host of the Crypto Trader show on CNBC Africa, founder and CEO of Onchain Capital and the Creative Counsel.

Crypto Compliance

Crypto Compliance

Crypto Compliance

Advisor – Fintech
With over 4 years of experience in the Digital Finance markets, Shaurya is an influencial blockchain writer and advisor, finding his true self in the world of decentralized ideologies. Currently developing algorithms and trading strategies for his upcoming cryptocurrency hedge fund, based in Hong Kong.

Top-notch brand marketing coach, backed by 27 years of multi-industry experience at 3M & Imation in USA & Korea. Lee has served at BOD of Hyundai Steel & Daewoong Pharmaceutical, as well as Advisor on nation policies at President’s office (Republic of Korea). Lee has a Ph.D. in Marketing and Arts. He has extensive experience as Global ICO Advisor: OrbiNetwork(CH), ICO Max(CH), CERYPTO(US), HumanCoin(UK), ICOTOP(UK), 4New(UK), Hexadpay(UAE), DateCoin(RU), TokenAsia Platform(SG), Incodium(KR), Fandom Networks(KR), JK Research Institute(KR), AMABLE Blockchain & Crypto Community(KR).

Crypto Compliance
The ANON Team has listed below a series of questions that we’ve been asked.
What makes ANON better than previous forks?
Previous forks lack a very important factor – significant market adoption. With an emphasis on privacy, the addition of staking abilities and a multi-tiered marketing strategy, ANON will be able to deliver in places where previous forks fell short. We are incorporating known technological benefits with our media teams ability to effectively communicate a story. ANON aims to reach those inside and outside of the existing crypto community.

Who is supporting ANON?
Exchange support will be announced well before the fork date, subscribe to our email listing in order to stay up to date with developments. Our founders and blockchain enthusiasts hold significant presence in the crypto space, creating a community of thousands of members who share our core values: privacy.

What will I receive for participating in the ANON fork?
Holders of ZCL will receive a 2:1 ratio of anon, and BTC will receive a 1:1 ratio of ANON.

Snapshot Countdown
The snapshot will take place on 9/10/2018

Executive Summary
Anonymous Bitcoin is an ambitious project; our main goal is to deliver a cryptographic medium of exchange that enables seamless, highly private, secure, and “anonymous” transactions. Anonymous Bitcoin is not first to market. That has allowed us to analyze both the successes and failures of previous projects. Ultimately, our team strives to perfect the mistakes of our predecessors, bring down barriers to entry and deliver a truly Anonymous Bitcoin with additional features that will excite the community and
contribute to a truly lasting economy.

We have selected the ticker ANON; this reflects our ethos, and reminds our
stakeholders of the highest truth- that transactions truly are Anonymous.
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have evolved dramatically over the past few years.

Bitcoin (BTC) was the first real “brand”, and has since captivated the hearts and minds of all crypto-enthusiasts. However, BTC’s underlying technology has been around for ten years, and debates over its relevance and specific utility have emerged in the community. Bitcoin has high fees, slow transaction speeds, centralized mining outlets and lack of privacy features that have created forking-opportunities like Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Private (BTCP).

Unfortunately, prior forks have fallen short of expectations, and herein ANON looks to excel. We intended to accomplish wide Market adoption, exchange listings, deliverables, a strong community, and team professionalism. The Anonymous team has meticulously monitored each step of prior forks of both BTC and ZCL; we understand their mistakes. Where others have faltered in their fork attempts, ANON will be

ANON’s superiority lies in its adoption of ZCL’s zk-SNARKs privacy technology – an MIT created privacy technology for transactions. By coupling zk-SNARKs technology with masternodes, ANON is creating a hybrid between PoW and PoS by introducing staking and allowing both miners and masternode holders to be rewarded for their contributions
to the network. A collateral amount of 100 coins will be required to maintain a masternode on the ANON network. The distribution of the block reward will be 65% to the miners and 35% to the masternodes.

The only way to participate in this fork and receive ANON is by being in possession of the underlying BTC and ZCL cryptocurrencies. Hodlers participating in the ANON fork will receive 1:1 ratio on September 10, 2018. The circulating supply at the time of the fork will be about 24M, the max total supply of ANON will be 31.5M. A composite list of supporting exchanges will be announced by August 15, 2018. Multiple top five exchanges by total volume will be targeted for listing of both ZCL and ANON.

The whitepaper, a “surprise” Advisor and a more detailed Roadmap will be available on prior to June 1, 2018. The site is currently live with information regarding the team, social links, and the project.

By announcing exchange support long before the day of the snapshot and having the development team funded for a year of work beyond the snapshot date, ANON is actively ensuring that holders are able to exchange and utilize their coins.

By analyzing past forks and their missteps, the Anonymous Bitcoin team has developed a technology-centered roadmap, a transparent development process, in addition to building the necessary network, platform, and relationships to ensure market adoption takes place. We all are ANON.