We were always excited about the prospects for the Cocos BCX project. It is a new cryptocurrency for the Cocos game engine. The cocos game engine is a solid product which is also completely free and open source. It was used for some of the versions of Angry Birds. Cocos-2d comes with an editor and is mainly focused on helping game devs make 2d games more easily.

This weekend we checked out some of the projects that are using Cocos BCX coin to see how they are coming along.


But first a little background on the currency. Cocos-BCX is not the cocos engine. It is a project that runs on it. They raised 40 million dollars on their ICO where they issued an ERC-20 token. It hit a high point in August of 2019 of $.006 representing about a half of a billion dollar market cap. And pretty much went straight down after than declining about 98% in value.

Cocos BCX News

The project is not dead yet. Things are still moving on their Github repositories though it has slowed down quite a lot from the peak.

Crypto Knights

On their website they site Crypto Knights as one of the games that supports their EcoSystem. So we checked it out today. After waiting 8 minutes for the project to load we saw (DrumRoll) :

Yet another loading screen. When the game finally loaded a few minutes later it prompted me without explanation to use EOS or COCOS-BCX. After clicking. We received a message in Chinese that looked like this:

Not very user friendly

Maybe that makes sense in some language I can’t read but best practices in 2020 is to adjust language based on IP address.

Cocos BCX Price Prediction

I wanted to see if their was anything to the currency and was determined to try out one of these games. I had a lot better success with one of the tank games. They let you test drive it before connecting things to a wallet. Which is a much better approach than asking someone in Chinese for their wallet.

The game did work, but was far from fun. So as for a prediction, no I don’t have one. But given the lack of quality games taking interest in the currency and confinement to one 2d game engine, I am definitely not putting any money in this one. They still have quite a long way to go.