The Crypto Beasts NFT game is an RPG game built on Binance Smart Chain which is trying to built a solid ecosystem that will bring value to both players and investors. Whether the project is overhyped we shall see! The community is growing rapidly and everyone can be a part of it.


The official whitepaper describes the game as a Peer-to-Peer Electronic Rare Eggs System. Eggland has 10,000 pieces of land, numbered 0–9999.

The Crypto Beasts – Discord

The egg will become a beast once hatched. There is no information on what these beasts will look like. The information on these beasts is given in the whitepaper. Each type will have a set of attributes and abilities. Once the egg has hatched, these will be discoverable. attributes and abilities will remain hidden if you choose not to hatch your egg. Discord is one of the big places for crypto games, unfortunately Crypto Beasts does not currently have one for its fans.

How it works

The first 1000 rare eggs were free of charge. The team gave away an additional 1000 rare eggs. 8000 were available for purchase.

A piece of land is associated with a rare egg. If you own one of the 10,000 rare eggs, you will also own a piece of real estate in the eggland metaverse. Eggs have not hatched at the time of writing this article. The rare eggs will hatch in 4 weeks. The first batches of rare eggs will be hatchable in 2 weeks. If you choose to hold on to your unhatched egg, you will be able to see what kind of mystery beasts are contained within.

Early Adopters are said to make the most. This is the same thing in the metaverse. The creators of the NFT game have created a system of fair distribution that will allow later users to have the same advantages as early users. It is not clear how users can take advantage of the fair distribution mechanism. We can use the clues and puzzles given to us by the founders. There are two significant clues in the fair dispersal section of the white paper.

1.Ulam’s Spiral
2.Neighboring NFTs of a particular type.

Ulam’s Spiral and Eggland

Eggland was built by Ulam. Chances are you have never heard of it. The prime spiral is a depiction of the set of prime numbers. What does this mean? The spiral has prime numbers within it. In nature, this pattern is also found. Here is what it looks like.

Neighboring NFTs of a particular type.

The fair dispersal mechanism will be affected by NFTs of a particular type that neighbor each other. Here is what we know about rare egg types. There are 10 different types of eggs. The type seems to match the color scheme. There are attributes and abilities for each type of egg.


The founders are trying to set this game up to last into the future but many are sceptical about it. There is still a lot that is unknown about this game, and perhaps the biggest mystery is the “fair dispersal” which seems to focus on Ulam\’s spiral. What do you think the creators of this fair dispersal mechanism had in mind?