The Galaxy Fight Club is a real-time PvE game that allows you to log-in with an NFT you have already bought and battle with that.

The current state of the NFT space feels very isolated, there is no platform where different collections can interact with each other, and there is little collaboration between different collections. This is a problem that we want to solve with GFC but instead of creating new utility-based collections, we want to create and add utility for existing NFT avatar collections.

Galaxy Fight Club’s Goal

The goal of the club is to be the Nintendo of Web3 but instead of franchises coming together in a closed loop we believe in the interoperability of digital items/assets in a truly open environment. We want to create a game platform where different intellectual property from different collections can interact with each other in a meaningful way.

In the fictional Metaverse of Ready Player One called Oasis, there are different planets that have different experiences for players to choose from. When a player wants to relax and build but still want to fight, they can login to the Sandbox and come to the Fight Club.

What is Galaxy Fight Club ?

This is the best way to describe what we are trying to do in the game. The GFC is a real-time PvE game that brings together all the different NFT collections onto one platform, this means you can ‘log-in’ with a NFT you have already bought and battle with that. When you think about Super Smash Bros., you have characters from different games coming together like a Pikachu fighting a Mario. A Bull from Bulls on the Block is fighting an ape from BAYC, or a Cool Cat is fighting a Crypto punk in a fight club.


You will be able to fight with any NFT that you already own and battle against the holders of other avatars from other collections. To participate in the main gaming modes of the game, you need to be an owner of the original 10K collection. If you own at least 1 Galaxy Fighter, you can fight as the fighter himself, or you can also use the characters from other collections in your wallet. The key to the game is the Galaxy Fighter. There are many collections you can play with.


The power differential will not be a factor in determining the outcome of a match, as rarer fighters will be stronger than floor fighters, and the power differential will be capped. A highly skilled player with a floor fighter will have a good chance of winning against a mediocre fighter. For the same reason, we won’t be revealing the battle statistics of the fighters. This is to prevent a scenario in which only fighters with certain skills are sought after and this leads to a pay to win game.


The $GCOIN token system can be used to buy and sell other cryptocurrencies like $ETH on public exchanges. There are a
number of ways to earn in the game.

  1. Fighters owners can earn between 5-15 $GCOIN by collecting it. Winning the 1v1 deathmatches will reward a fixed amount of $GCOIN and weapons, the weapon can be sold on the secondary market, and the weapon can also be sold on Open sea.
  2. Win $ETH from Team Tournaments Up to 2 $ETH is available from our weekly tournaments, these can be won and will be shared between the 3 members of the winning team
  3. Forging weapons and selling them Weaker weapons can be forged together to create stronger weapons, while the forging process itself will cost $GCOIN the resulting weapon might be able to be resold on the secondary market at a greater price than the price you spent acquiring the materials
  4. Renting out fighters – As more people find out about the game, there will be increased demand to rent fighters both for collecting $GCOIN as well as to participate in the more lucrative team tournaments. We will allow you to rent our your fighters through a third-party platform like which allows you to earn passive income while doing nothing.

The World of Galaxy Fight Club

In the future year of 2049, after Ready Player One, all the best fighters from across the galaxy travel to the planet Bruna 8, one of the least regulated planets, to battle each other for a great prize. Humans, Beasts, Ogres, Aliens, Reptars, Glopz, and Death Robots are some of the different races in this universe. Each race has a different origin story, the death robot has a different origin story, and each race has a different planet.


Gas prices will be minimal as only the most important parts of the game such as all the fighters, weapons and their respective traits are stored on-chain while the stats of the fighters are to be stored on an off-chain database which reduces gas fees. Weapons and rewards will not incur expensive gas fees, as the game will be based on Polygon, which means any on-chain transactions when it comes to $GCOIN, will not incur expensive gas fees.


Unity is a very comprehensive game development tool and was chosen for a number of reasons. It provides superior support for de-bugging and tweaking as all the game variables are displayed during the game. It is possible to build components for sound, physics, rendering, controls and other things on an extensive marketplace.


For players in Asia, we will have a server in Singapore, for players in the USA, we will have a server in San Jose, and for players on the east coast, we will have a server in Washington. If you want to play with a friend from another region, you can manually enter into different rooms.