Due to legal matters and to always be applying policies and terms of hit as uci is official representative globally for hit. We will replace news letter on site with the following text.

With our agency agreement with HIT, UCI has already been active in generating new business opportunities for HIT to install its’ unique technology into power plants.

One example is Egypt where the initial plant has already been allocated with several hundred additional plants expected to contract with HIT during the next 2 years.

UCI revenues from HIT are collected for the life of each power plant contract. Initial contracts are signed for 10 years. Contracts are renewed every 10 years.

This means that UCI can continue to be paid indefinitely for each plant that UCI or our joint venture partners bring to HIT.

With a projected average passive revenue stream of 1.5mn Euros per 10 year contract per plant, the future looks very promising for UCI and our partners.

Egypt is just the beginning. We are currently in talks with potential joint venture partners who have the capacity to bring power plants and other industries who need HIT technology.

We can not yet disclose specific details but early indications are that our coverage can be expanded to include the following geographic areas.

The Middle East

African continent


We will keep you updated as we progress further into this exciting opportunity.

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