Rcoin USA was a cryptocurrency and an exchange. The coin started trading in 2016 at a little over $3 and dropped almost immediately and kept declining for 2 years. The last recorded transaction was in 2018 and the value was USD.000065. As far as we know the coin is now worthless.

Their claims were things like:

Rcoin USA is officially listed on Crex24.com! We are proud to announce our first exchange listing!

The Ticker for Rcoin USA is RCNUSA

The Trading Paire is RCNUSA / BTC


Everybody who will buy Rcoin USA on the Crex24.com exchange in the amount of $ 1,000, $ 3,000, $ 5,000 and more will have a bonus of 10%, 20% and 30% respectively. The Snap Shot date and time will be set as soon as RCNUSA sales on the Crex24 exchange reach $ 300,000 and will be announced on the official telegram channel: t.me/rcnusa.

In order to receive bonuses, RCNUSA purchased on the exchange need to be sent to the previously downloaded wallet and kept there at least until Snap Shot.

As we aim to protect the price of RCNUSA from falling down, we had locked deposits on the Crex24.com exchange for RCNUSA. Depositing will be unlocked after the end of RCNUSA bounty program.

Official Telegram: t.me/rcnusa

Official Twitter: twitter.com/UsaRcoin

Up to 3% per month and 36% increase per year
Rcoin USA is a new cryptocurrency that increases in its volume up to 3% per month and 36% increase per year. By buying this currency during the first 6 months after the launch, you earn at the same pace. New Rcoin coins are created as a result of a process called “mining”. The Rcoin USA coin grew to $3.00 per coin in April 21st, 2018 and could grow to $5.00 per coin during the next 1 to 3 years. If you have 10,000 Rcoin USA coins on your e-wallet, then you can up to 300 new coins per month AUTOMATICALLY. After the registration, all users will start to receive up to 3% in new coins with your purchase of the coins Rcoin USA coins on their e-wallets.

En Exchange P2P
P2P development
At least once, every cryptocurrency owner has faced the same problem: where to change the cryptos to fiat? Hundreds of online exchanges have been launched during the last year, but they are not easy to deal with. The commissions are unreasonably high and the exchanges themselves are not stable, even the big ones may suspend their work abruptly or even collapse, as was the case with BTC-e in August 2017 after the US authorities` intervention. For users selling cryptocurrencies, a buying order is available on the queue. In this way P2P transactions between the seller and the buyer is fastened as there will always be pending orders to buy and sell simply awaiting responses from users who intend to buy or sell.

Our P2P system will be ready to begin work September 15th, 2018.

Affiliate program
Affiliate program
The Rcoin system referral program is divided into seven levels, each of which gives you the opportunity to earn extra income to attract new members and building cryptocurrency community. We take security very seriously, which is why we handpick and verify all involved parties; each partner must be fully verified by our compliance team. We’re looking forward to working with you, so please feel free to join and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. By joining us as an affiliate, you will earn commission on all the trades of the people you refer – it’s easy, passive income for you. We are focusing on launching new countries at the moment, and currently have a few sellers in each – making it a perfect time for our partners, like you, to reap the rewards of referring sellers in these countries – and earning money on each of their trades.

All transactions instantly
Instant Transactions
As the needs of investors and financial service users become more complex, there is a demand for effective tools to simplify the processes and transactions carried out by end-users. It is inevitable that financial institutions would have to increase the number of digitized services and offerings, given a rise in the use of automated services. Implementing technology in the financial industry is a necessity for the survival of businesses as customers seek lower cost alternatives to traditional financial services. Digital cryptocurrency Rcoin allows to make instant payments without any commission from almost anywhere in the world and requires only an Internet connection. It is also possible to exchange cryptocurrency for any other currency on the internal platform of the system.

The final number of coins
107 billion Rcoins
The full amount of Rcoin USA coins is 107 billion. 9,5 billion premained. Our coin price is currently $3.00 per coin since 21st of April 2018 on the private p2p market. We plan to put Rcoin USA coins on the Global market after September 10th, 2018. We have brokers in several parts of the world that plan to provide sales of our coins of 1 to 3 million per month. We think to have a minimum amounts of coins on the global market and a normal coin price of $5 to $10 during the next three years. The Rcoin Group has offices in Newport, California, Belize and Kiev, Ukraine. Our Group plans to start new sales and training offices in 10 countries during the next two years. It is your opportunity to get in on the next higher level of our Growth and development!

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En Exchange P2P
We plan to open of China, India, USA
Rcoin plan to open in China, India, the United States. The Rcoin Group was starting sales and marketing people in the:

and many other countries. We plan to grow our sales and marketing people to a group of 10,000 sales people during the next three years. Each of these 10,000 sales people could bring $10,000 to $100,000 of new coin sales to our group during the next three years.

One of the world`s first cryptocurrency e-wallet systems with automatic confirmation mining and guaranteed volume growth. Up to 3% in new coins per month with a minimum of 36% of new coin increase per year.

Profit distribution among all members of the society. The members who do the most work get the most money. The members that work with good people in their cities, counties, states and countries can develop large groups of customers with our new Mobile Shopping E-Wallet Cash Payment System. Rcoin USA e-wallet offers a great way to go shopping and earn money sharing the mobile e-wallet with other family members and friends. Look at our list of stores, restaurants, airlines and hotels, that except the Rcoin USA mobile shopping e-wallet.

The total number of Rcoins USA coins is 107 billion. 9.5 billion has been premined and are on our computers ready to work and to grow. The April 21st Rcoin USA coin price on the private market is $3.00.

The referral program system is programmed as a binary system and it pays great commissions weekly for qualified sales people. Start your online work from home business today! Register at the site: