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Here are the original bios that were posted for the UCI Coin founders:

Antoun Toubia
Project Director & Chairman
Angel Investor in I.T. projects. First to install two way bitcoin atm in Uk/europe & the cashless bitcoin atm in australia.First to launch a decentralized crowd-funding platform & currently focusing on making history in cryptocurrencies.Dedicates most of the time on EcoGreen Technologies Like Hydro Nano Gas and focuses on helping in the battle against inflation by offering decentralized solid investments online and offline. I enjoy buying private equity, constructing unique giant buildings and looking to establish a space travel company. I support a decentralized internet project, but the Rest is TOP SECRET.

Samuel Selvarajan
London, UK
Investments & Finance
Also known as silverkinguk, Sam is one of the co-founders of QiBuck and handles investments and research. He was an early Bitcoin tester and miner and has worked tirelessly exposing ‘business opportunity’ scams. Sam enjoys playing old-school video games like Doom, Duke Nukem, and Quake and, contrary to the gamer stereotype, likes pumping iron.

Lee Hardy
Leicester, UK
Founder/Web Designer
Internet marketer and early bitcoin adopter.He enjoys educating others about the benefits of the “No banks” approach and is interested in bringing crypto to the mainstream.Recent accomplishments are the UK/Europes first 2 way bitcoin ATM in London.His current project is enabling a cashless bitcoin ATM system using blockchain technology to empower the less fortunate around the globe.

Vicențiu Pirii
Online investor since 2010, as a full time job. He likes using Internet to find and develop profitable and reliable business opportunities, in which he puts a lot of passion and hard work. He is very satisfied about the cooperation with UCI team and very grateful that he is a founder investor here. He lives in Brașov, Romania, where he graduate Technological Engineering at Transylvania University. He’s favorite motto is “Money doesn’t belong under the mattress.”