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Everyone has this major question in mind:
1 – Why UCI has chosen to collect such a small amount of money from people and sold to them founders positions, while UCI will earn millions of dollars and is not in need for money?

A: Because UCI is building a team of people who have a specific of type mentality, to help in the development of UCI, and those who had the right mentality are now in and will start benefiting from the profits during march, those people are highly positive and active, they have a dream to achieve, even if it was a small amount of money they paid, but it was like all what they could save over the years, before UCI appeared, that money could stayed in the bank or in the piggy bank, and slightly changed over years, because it is almost out of the question that you can call it an investment money, due to the greedy corporations that currently rule the financial system, the rich will stay rich and the poor will not become rich, they use the money of the people to create their billions and they throw the crust back, this is where UCI has emerged to change the balance and give the opportunity to anyone with even a 500$ to invest and earn big money through a system we call Universal Crowd- Funding Investment, and it will be available very soon through the u-ci.org website, and before that platform comes online to generate profit, UCI has already started generating profit through the Hydro Nano Gas Technology, and is going to share that money with the founders because not only our company collects money from people to fund projects, but because we are here for the cause of changing the financial system and take care of the people who has the right mentality to help that happen, together we grow, welcome to UCI Almost Free Gold Mine Corporation .

Potential Profit Scenario From Hydro Nano Gas Project In Egypt!

Almost everyone involved in UCI as a board member, already knows that Egypt project has started, and power plants are being installed, we are talking about more than 100 Plants up to 700 that includes the Oil refineries, and industrial factories and charcoal plants, etc. we will show you the approximate figures expected starting end of 2015 based on the following calculation:

1 Fuel Power Plant that produces 1000 Megawatt Of electricity needs 1600 Fuel Barrel, based on the calculation that each 1 Kilowatt needs 0.0016 Barrel to be produced, current fuel barrel price is 70$ multiplied x 1600 barrel = 112,000$ x by 24 hours = 2,688,000$ x 30 days = 8,064,000,0$ x 12 months = 9,676,800,00$ So that is a cost of almost 1 billion dollars a year based on the current low price of fuel, to run a 1000 megawatt power plant, here Hydro Nano gas comes, to increase the efficiency and reduces the pollution plus the cost, Hydro nano gas, could increase in some situations the energy efficiency up to 100%, that means more energy with less fuel consumption, for let’s say in worst case scenario we can reduce the fuel consumption 10% less, when we use HNG, so 9,676,800,00$ Minus (-) 10% = 8,709,120,00$ so that is almost 100 million dollars saved each year, but what about the cost of installing Hng, let us say 10 million dollars a year in that scenario, so it is a saving of 90 million dollars a year approximately, UCI earns 1.5% commission on Gross Total from the cost to install HNG, let us take for example 10 million dollars x 1.5% = 150,000$ yearly for UCI as a commission, and minimum contract for the plant is 10 years, so that is 1,5 million dollars over ten years period earned from only one power plant on a worst case scenario, you do the calculation if hundreds of power plants installed this technology not only in Egypt, but worldwide, it means even your calculator will not be able to give you an exact number anymore, all of that profit will be shared with the Founders, so you will live your dream soon, UCI is the winning lottery ticket.

Some Major Questions:

2 – What is the benefit of the people who are holding UCICOIN or whom will buy it later?

A: UCICOIN is a virtual share in UCI, it is like buying stocks in a company, the more you buy the more percentage of profit you will earn from UCI projects, when u- ci.org is online, coin holders will have to create an account and deposit the coins there, as a proof of holding, and each 3 months they will earn money that will be credited into their account in a form of Bitcoin, or they can use the ucicoins to invest in the listed projects (Construction, Agriculture, Technology, etc..) to get a higher Return On Investment, rather than investing with cash.

3 – How the value of UCICOIN will raise in value?

A: UCI as a company will earn millions of dollars throughout 2015 and the coming years, we will put a buy support that equals to the coins which are already on the market and exchanges, meaning we will try to buy all the coins there, and then we will list at a higher price which is minimum the
double, the high ROI that people get when investing using UCICOIN on u-ci.org will increase the demand on it, the more demand the more value, then on a later stage we will buy silver ounces to peg & back the coin with, the amount purchased will be 1 million dollars worth of silver, 5 million ucicoin in total divided on 1 million worth of silver, equals to 5 dollars each coin which will guarantee the prevention of dumping the coin at a lower price, because it will be like dumping silver, you will ask why use silver to peg ucicoin, or why people then will buy ucicoin, they will buy silver instead? Well they can go and buy silver, but how will it relate to UCI as a company or as projects? So UCICOIN is the commodity (virtual share) that anyone can hold and start earning money and become a shareholder in this unique opportunity. So the silver is to give this coin a real value and anytime people can exchange their coins to silver or they can exchange their coins to Hydro Infra Shares too, we will also start buying shares in hundreds of companies that we may see a future in, and lots of things that will add value to ucicoin.

Now the news that all are waiting for:

Achievements – News – Information:
1 – UCI has bought a 4 years old company in Switzerland known as Innovatics, www.innovatics.ch, The company purpose is Consulting in Innovation and Knowledge, it has done deals with big organizations and companies world wide, like the well known C.E.R.N Geneva, this company can prepare labs for physicists and scientists etc.. it comes with a bank account in Credit Suisse, which is one of the major banks in Switzerland, it has 100,000CHF in tax credit, meaning if the company generates 500,000CHF in profit and the tax for example is 20% which equals to 100,000CHF, then we are exempted up to that sum from tax, which is an extra profit for the company, Innovatics will be a source of income for uci and its founders.

2 – We are working on the business plan & feasibility study plus financial reports, the plan will be ready end of march and the rest follow through.

3 – There is a co-owner position available at a price of 500k USD till 20 march, after that it will be priced at 1 million dollars, 2 active founders positions available at a price of 6k usd each till 15 march, then it will be priced at 20k usd, all angel positions have been sold, there is a new position available it costs 15k usd, it will entitle the holder to earn 0.5% from uci total profit, let’s say UCI earned 1 million dollars x 0.5% = 5000$, while Active Founders share a pool of profit which the earnings are way less.UCI will earn hundreds of millions through 2015 -2016 period, you do the calculation and this position is called “ Goldenpot Founder “ and only 1 available.

4 – A new thread on Bitcointalk forums, made by one of the Active Founders, Mr.Roberto Diaz https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=971071.0

we are working on Linux & Mac wallet to be done end of march, and we will add ucicoin on Bittrex exchange too.

5 – Cameroon deal includes 4 countries ( Cameroon, Guinea, Mali, Morocco) all for 12 million dollars which will be paid on 6 installments, 2 million dollars each month, the first payment should be done between 10 and 20 march then we will announce how and when we are going to send the founders their first dividend.

6 – u-ci.org platform will be completed by end of April, as the developer confirmed.
7 – Plan about creating a UCICOIN store is on the way.

The Biggest Deal or Gold pot:

How will UCI earn millions of dollars from deals other than Egypt, well we are currently negotiating a representative agreement with a Kuwaiti business man, he is going to buy exclusivity for whole Asia, which will cost him 400 Million dollars, and we will have his final decision during the coming week, we will announce then when he will pay, another deal with two huge business men, who will buy the agreement for whole Africa excluding the countries that we already sold deal for, they will pay 120 Million dollars, also the final decision in max period of ten days, another deal for Australia, information will be posted soon. So UCI expects a profit of more than 500 million dollars through 2015, which will be used wisely to create more job vacancies worldwide, and reward our founders, by creating more profits from the projects that we will do using that money, expect to live your dreams starting 2015.

Next Newsletter we will talk about:
1 – Active Founder Tasks (Postponed)
2 – u-ci.org platform features
3 – A Contest & A Prize
4 – more information about ongoing deals & what’s yet to come
5 – Q&A (you ask we answer).

Current Contest:
1 – Bring a person to buy 1000 Hit shares for 1000 Euros, and earn 150 Euros
– Or 5000 Shares for 5k Euros, Earn 1000 Euros
– 10000 Shares for 10k Euros, Earn 3000 Euros
– 20000 shares for 20k Euros, Earn 7000 Euros
– 50000 shares for 50k Euros, Earn 20,000 Euros
– 100000 shares for 100k Euros, Earn 50000 Euros